About Indev-ACT

INDEV-ACT - Indev_gauging_systemsIndev-ACT was originally founded in 1947 in Rhode Island and became one of the earliest patent holders web-based measurement systems. In 1969, Indev moved to Rockford, IL and quickly grew into a $10 million dollar company both domestically and internationally with beta radiation based measurement systems. During the early 1980s, Barbara-Coleman acquired the company and integrated measurement with process control. This added a significant knowledge base to the Indev group in terms of extrusion control feedback systems as well as measurement. In the 1990s, Indev became a stand-alone company again still very strong in process control but with the primary focus on developing the best web-based in-line measurement systems possible.

ACT was originally founded as part of the ABB/AccuRay group in 1966. In 1999 ACT or Automation and Control Technologies was formed with the primary focus of metals, tobacco and coating measurement. ACT quickly grew into a $10 million dollar company as well both domestically and internationally with the advancements in metals coat weight control and Terahertz direct measurement capabilities continuing to strengthen the focus on metals and coatings.

Today, Indev-ACT has grown into one of the premier web and coil-based measurement and controls companies worldwide. Expanding from plastic extrusion and simple coating/thickness measurement into Advanced Paper, Metals, Non-Woven, Building Products, and Extrusion Measurement and Control technologies. Over the past couple of years, Indev has invested in several new technologies along with our people in software development, sensors, design, controls, and service. With the addition of the expanded capabilities, investment in a temperature controlled manufacturing and applications facility with over 21,000 square foot and sensor development lab is also planned for 2019.

As a company, Indev-ACT now has manufacturing in the US, India and the Netherlands along with additional service and support offices in China, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, and Korea. This provides a World Class Manufacturing and Support capability second to none within the combined industries. Our focus remains committed to providing manufacturing in-line solutions as no 2 processes are alike. Our commitment to providing the BEST OVERALL SOLUTION to the CUSTOMER—– ALWAYS!

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