Coating and Converting

Coating and Converting is the leading market of all Indev-ACT systems. With hundreds of installations and over 50 years experience in delivering industry leading technology, superior service all while providing a maximum payback, we have developed process specific systems that are second to none in the industry. At the beginning of 2017 and the merger of the Indev and ACT companies, the combined Engineering group developed the new high speed control system and EnvisionULTRA HMI package for the coating industry. The initial goal was to advance beta and Xray differential technology 2 fold in data acquisition to bring sensor repeatability and standard deviation across the web up 20-25%. On average a beta gauge gathers from 4-20 points in a 1/2:” measurement bin. What the Engineering group uncovered was the capability to actually gather over 200+ points in a ¼” measurement bin providing the highest repeatability and lowest cross web deviation of any beta gauging system commercially available today. Ability to scan faster across the web plus the added data points are just some of the increased benefits. Coupled with the latest technology in powered electrometers to minimize radiation energy requirements and the latest state of the art HD EnvisionULTRA HMI the new differential beta and XRay scanners use the lowest energy while producing the most accurate results in the market.

Another significant benefit Indev-ACT scanners can bring are Size. With the mini C-Frames actually embedding the source holders and detector assemblies within the actual aluminum tubing, Indev beta scanners can be as small as 9” wide by 26” in height. No one makes a smaller beta gauge. And unlike the small gamma backscatter sensors, system repeatability is significantly more and idea for process control.

With the development of Terahertz over the past 7 years, Indev-ACT is also the leader in precision coating measurement and control with this latest sensing technology. As opposed to having 2, 3 even 4 measurement frames for beta differential, in many coating applications now only 1 scanning sensor with 1 mono-beam frame is required. Also since this is a direct thickness measurement vs. a calculated measurement, it is more accurate and much less influenced by flutter, color and opacity changes. The key is a distinction between the coating and the substrate. Even with co-extrusion and laminating of films, paper and foils, specialty materials such as EVOH can be measured down to 0.6mils reliably and in-line even after the film is built up. This same technology works with painted foil and metal surfaces, rubber and many other applications. Aside from thickness, moisture can also be measured at the same time providing even more value.

Indev-ACT can also provide many combination systems at the same time; such as basis weight, moisture and adhesive thickness in the cardboard industry or thickness, moisture and porosity in the filter making business to name a few.

You can’t control what you can’t measure and you can’t make money at what you can’t control!

Among many of the coating processes Indev has developed strong solutions in measurement and control are:

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  • Paper Coating
  • Film Coating / Converting
  • Tapes
  • Asphalt
  • Solvent Coating (C1D1)
  • Metals Coating
  • Rubber Coating
  • Battery Coating


  • Spray Pressure / Headbox / JW Ratio
  • Advanced Auto Profile – Die Control
  • Roll Coating / Blade / Nip
  • Line Speed / Feed Forward
  • Pump Speed
  • Air Knife / Blade / Roll Control
  • Calendar left / right, roll bending, skew
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