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INDEV-ACT provides market stability and innovation with over 50 years of customer service delivering Industry Leading Technology, Cost Effectiveness, and Flexibility in the Metals Gauging Arena. INDEV-ACT is the world’s leading provider of systems control, process control and automation for control in the Gauging Market.

The range of INDEV-ACT products and services sets new standards in terms of quality assurance and process optimization, and its explicit objective is to ensure the best possible value for the money, no matter how diverse the individual requirements are.

INDEV-ACT specializes in helping to ensure the consistent, uncompromising quality and ROI of all products you produce in the Metals Measurement Process. With introduction of the X-RayMIKE™ and XRF-MIKE™ sensors we have simplified the design of Modern X-Ray gauges by modularizing the major sensor components into basic a “Simplified Design” utilizing standard components and building the Sensor with easy to replace and service component modules. Thus making it easier to understand the functionality, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance issues.

Why do so many industry leaders worldwide rely on INDEV-ACT high performance Metals Gauging systems to optimize their process and reduce cost to manufacture?

INDEV-ACT is the only Metals Gauging supplier that offers a 3 year warranty on the X-RayMIKE™ and XRF-MIKE™ sensors. Our customers understand INDEV-ACT’s quality is second to none and rely on our systems continuous performance.

INDEV-ACT Provides Measurement and Control For:

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Thickness Gauges
X-Ray based Thickness Measurement

  • Tandem Mills
  • Reversing Mills
  • Temper Mills
  • Temper Mills
  • Skin Pass Mills
  • Process Lines:
    • Coating Lines
    • Slitters
    • Pickle Lines
    • Annealing Lines

Coating Weight Gauges
X-Ray based Coating Weight Measurement

  • Galvanize
  • Galvalume
  • Galfan
  • Galvanneal
  • Tinning
  • Aluminum
  • Electrolytic

coat weight measurement

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