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INDEV-ACT TechnologyINDEV-ACT provides market stability and innovation with over 50 years of customer service delivering Industry Leading Technology, Cost Effectiveness, and Flexibility in the Paper/Board/Tissue Arena. INDEV-ACT is the world’s leading provider of systems control, process control and automation for control in the Gauging Market.

The range of INDEV-ACT products and services sets new standards in terms of quality assurance and process optimization, and its explicit objective is to ensure best possible value for the money, no matter how diverse the individual requirements are.

INDEV-ACT specializes in helping to ensure the consistent, uncompromising quality and ROI of all products you produce in a web process form; Paper/Board/Tissue Control and Coating Converting markets.

Why do so many industry leaders worldwide rely on INDEV-ACT high performance systems to optimize their process and reduce cost to manufacture?

Because INDEV-ACT has been a dependable Gauging Supplier for over 50 years and many of our customers have systems operating for over 20 years. INDEV-ACT provides an effective upgrade path to keep your system operating with the latest EnvisionUltra and Sensor technologies.

Paper Making – Dry End – Specialty Tissue

INDEV-ACT offers a Cost-effective, Basic-level QCS systems for the paper, Kraft, board and tissue industry, for use where sophisticated DCS systems and CD controls are not cost effective or required. In every other way though, INDEV-ACT’s Paper Group with over 300 installations provides the sophistication of measurement and control needed to get the most out of medium to smaller paper machines.

Our measurement offerings include basis weight measurement using Beta sensors; moisture content using very accurate Mid spectrum Infrared sensors (transmission for fine paper and lighter paper grades up to 250 GSM) Microwave moisture where GSM is higher than 250 GSM in board applications; Ash measurement for substrates containing Clay, Calcium Carbonate & Titanium Dioxide, X-Ray sensors; Thickness measurement is provided with a very unique patented Caliper “Low Pressure Footprint” regardless of flutter and edge defects… Electromagnetic induction sensor.

Our EnvisionUltra controls include stock valve control for basis weight as well as moisture regulation through drying controls. Our simple QCS system provides the paper industry with basic measurement and control functions, while our EnvisionUltra-DataTrack-Active Web Analyzer system adds PC-based data presentation and management tools to more easily allow the mill process engineer to optimize machine performance.

In addition to applications for INDEV-ACT Paper Pro products at the Dry End, there are substantial benefits to be gained from measurement throughout the paper machine:

  • at the size press
  • in the press section
  • at the wet end

Improvements to press efficiency, as a direct result of press exit measurement, dramatically improve profitability. In addition, measurement and control of the size press profile may be used to correct profiles created in the press and drying sections of the machine. INDEV-ACT’s Paper Pro Team supplies scanning measurement systems and fixed point sensors for a variety of applications. A range of sensor/scanner designs are available to cope with the varied and often harsh environments.

To learn more about INDEV-ACT’s Paper Pro Products for Paper Making applications, please click on the Contact us link on the top of this page.

INDEV-ACT’s EnvisionUltra applications provide enhanced production control of paper machines by integrating key machine variables from quality sensors and scanners, in a multi-variable control solution. Proprietary control algorithms are used to perform a predictive mathematical material and energy balance for overall production improvements. A tightly coupled, Roll Quality Management System Process Analyser is a diagnostic tool that determines the cause and effect of quality issues in web-based manufacturing processes. INDEV-ACT’s RQMS-Process Analyser captures data from continuous process variables, scanner quality profiles, discrete lab tests, and production events; and then presents them graphically to assist with the rapid diagnosis of quality issues.

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Supported Industry Processes

  • Paper Making
  • Tissue Manufacturing
  • Board Manufacturing
  • Substrate Coating
  • Laminating
  • Impregnating

basis weight gauging

Providing Measurement and Control Technology for:

  • Absolute Thickness (Non-Contacting)
  • Density
  • Basis Weight
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Mid-IR Moisture & Substrate Measurement
  • Ash Measurement
  • Layer Discrimination
  • Cascade MD Control
  • Roll Control
  • Porosity Measurement
  • Process Integration (Temperature, Moisture, Steam, Line Speed, Chiller)
  • SPOT-Track (Same spot control)
  • Vision Surface Inspection
  • Color Interpretation
  • Data History
  • Process Analysis
  • Remote Connectability
  • Open Architecture
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