Indev-ACT Film, Sheet and Coated Applications Products

Indev-ACT ‘s success in the plastic film and sheet industry can be attributed to the initial development of their beta & air caliper gauges in 1969 that subsequently resulted in their leadership position in this industry. Now, Indev-ACT offers a complete range of precise measurements including multi-layer sensor technologies, advanced controls, plus the latest operating system platforms and software products.

Indev-ACT have continuously invested in new, innovative web gauging technologies, releasing products such as a high-resolution electrometer, Beckhoff PLC applications and the EnvisionULTRATM HD HMI system. Advances such as the high measurement resolution of their beta/gamma & x-ray gauges have increased by over 20%, making the BetaMIKETM gauges faster and more accurate, with the ability to discern streaks in high resolution. Now Indev-ACT’s new multi-layer Terahertz precision sensors take a measurement to a new dimension with a single-sided compact scanner in place of multiple scanners, inter-gauge calculations, and profile alignment utilities.

There’s more. Indev-ACT’s x-ray sensors provide precise measurement of homogeneous film and sheet products, while direct thickness measurement can be made without entering the polymers specific gravity with Indev-ACT’s laser gauges and structured light sensors. Finally, thin films can also be measured to high accuracy with their line of infrared sensors. The result: Indev-ACT offers the most comprehensive measurement portfolio of any film, sheet or coated polymer supplier in the industry, covering an extensive applications library to deliver an exceptional return on investment (ROI).


Film, Sheet and Coated Application Highlights:

  • Application-matched wide O-frames, compact mono-beams, and mini-C-frame scanners
  • Comprehensive measurements include direct thickness, basis weight, density, and multi-layer coating thickness
  • Full sensor portfolio of beta, x-ray, laser, structured light, infrared and advanced terahertz technologies
  • High-temperature thickness measurement for in-line thermoforming applications
  • FoamMasterTM system with basis weight, thickness, and density measurement features customized mounting stands before the S-Wrap to minimize space.
  • Complex systems combining multiple sensors and advanced controls for extrusion, laminating and coating applications
  • New Beckhoff platform delivers fast, responsive, machine direction control, Auto Profile Control (APC), Line Speed, Screw Speed unique optimization controls
  • New, advanced, APC with die mapping and fast die-zone control produces flat profiles, reduced scrap and increased productivity
  • New EnvisionULTRA™ 4K HD software with high-resolution graphics gives a unique insight into quality and productivity
  • DataMartTM SQL-based historian and SCADA system stores high-resolution scanner data and process measurements for straightforward archiving, retrieval and analysis.

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  • Sheet Extrusion
  • Foam Extrusion
  • Coated Film
  • Biax Film
  • Film Co-Extrusion
  • High Temperature Extrusion / Thermoforming
  • Multi-Layer Lamination
  • Combination Extrusion / Coating / Laminating
  • Cast Films


  • Medical Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Carpet Laminating
  • Digital Films
  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Vapor Barrier Films
  • Plastic Cups/Plates
  • Foam Cups / Plates / Sheets
  • Self-Tinting Windows

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