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Indev’s experience in The Plastic and Film Industry comes from when Barber-Colman-Eurotherm dominated the extrusion controls industry. As the measurement group for BarberColman, Indev learned the plastics manufacturing industry quite well. As previously part of an OEM who delivered complete extrusion control systems, proper measurement and feedback was key to a successful running facility. Today Indev-ACT has both radiation based, BlackKNIGHT and non-radioactive, RedKNIGHT solutions for the industry. Through simple beta and XRay gauges to direct caliper, dual laser, combination laser-caliper and IR thickness measurement solutions, Indev-ACT provide a wide variety of systems customized for each specific process and product. With hundreds of installations and over 50 years experience in delivering industry leading technology, superior service all while providing a maximum payback, we have developed process specific systems that are second to none in the plastics industry.

With the addition of the Terahertz and Laser Interferometer technology, Indev-ACT also hits the most advanced measurement technology with the smallest sensors, most accurate readings and the ability to provide direct thickness measurement to coatings, EVOH and nylon films during co-extrusion or even after the film build up. Coated polystyrene is also an ideal application along with the direct measurement of converted film build up including foil and paper in the mix. While these sensors are not ideal for every film application, with the proper product they can provide direct thickness measurement to film, foil, paper and coating layers that other sensors such as IR, XRay or Beta could never do. Coupled with the advancements in controls technology and the latest software algorithms, Terahertz and laser interferometry can provide in-line accuracy and feedback speeds never before achieved. Imagine what it is worth to provide a guarantee of the 0.6mil EVOH layer in a film build-up while at the same time controlling to this level in real time. Add this to the DataMart data historian which provides all raw and calculated data formatted in reports for a customer validation report and graph, Quality reports, operations full roll graph tied to roll ID while still providing detailed values for process engineering and improvement at the same time. All this is achievable today.

In 2017 Indev-ACT also launched the BetaLITE product primarily for extruded plastic sheet. Designed more as a commodity beta scanner up to 70” it offers all the accuracy and versatility of a beta scanner with minimal bells and whistles at a market valued price. Combined with the new high speed Beckhoff control system and latest HD EnvisionULTRA HMI package it has a lot of power for the price. Plus the repeatability of a non-contact beta gauge compared to a gamma backscatter or any other caliper device required to touch the film will provide a significant improvement.

You can’t control what you can’t measure and you can’t make money at what you can’t control!

Among many of the plastic/film processes Indev has developed strong solutions in measurement and control are:

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  • Sheet Extrusion
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Cast-Cellophane
  • Laminating
  • Coating
  • Blown Film


  • Line Speed / Screw Speed
  • Advanced Auto Profile – Die Control
  • Left / Right Nip Control
  • Calendar left / right roll bending, skew control
  • Roll / Blade / Spray-Knife Control
  • Rotary Die Control
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