Indev-ACT Comprehensive Services for Nuclear and X-Ray Gauges

nuclear gauges

All industrial radiation measurement systems are required to adhere to USNRC federal regulations for those companies that posess devices containing any sealed source isotope such as Cs-137, Am-241, Sr-90, Kr-85 and Pm-147 and FDA regulations with for X-Ray measurement devices. If your company use nucleonic measurement equipment containing a radioactive isotope, then the federal regulations require that these are checked by an approved, licensed authority every six months for health and safety reasons.

The detail of the requirements can be found under the USNRC title 10 CFR part 31.5 and are the minimum requirements for all US States, referred to as Agreement States. Agreement States may be more aggressive with their rules but must maintain the USNRC standard as a minimum. The work must be completed by a company or individual holding a Specific License indicating they are approved for such work or activity or as stated on the manufacturing company’s sealed source device or SSD registration for your device. All devices sold in the USA must have an SSD registration prior to being sold. Compliance with the regulations for both nuclear and X-Ray gauges are not difficult, however failure to comply can be expensive and a nuisance.

The testing company must check the proper labeling, operation of on/off mechanism & indicator, proper shielding and leakage testing. Krypton sources are exempt from the leakage testing, as it is a gas. However, all other requirements as stated above must be completed at “no longer than 6-month intervals” or as specified and approved on the device label by the regulatory agency.

It is very important to understand that it is the responsibility of the device owner to ensure these tests are completed as defined and by a person that is licensed to perform this activity. Regulations are in place to ensure the work is completed to a defined standard, so these companies or licensed individuals can show proof of competency to gain this status. Do not get drawn in by companies that will process leak inspections for leak analysis and perform this work on your own. The person performing the work is the one at risk of serious fines of several thousand dollars per event, not the person simply analyzing said leak test unless they also are not licensed to perform the analysis.

With X-Ray devices, States must first be notified by the manufacturing facility of usage of an X-Ray device and obtain a radiation generating license. Upon installation, a detailed radiation profile or map is required to be developed upon energizing the X-Ray tube detailing the radiation levels at varying distances from the device. After initial installation, States have differing requirements, but the minimum is that an annual safety check and radiation profile be made and documented. (States such as Ohio for example, require safety checks every 6 months.) State inspectors will typically visit the facilities and confirm the profile and operation of the device at a time of their choosing. State inspector visits are completely up to the local regulators, however a visit every 2-4 years to review the device and documentation of the safety checks are generally standard.

With over 50 years of maintaining the safety of nuclear and X-Ray gauges across many industries, Indev-ACT’s personnel are a highly qualified servicing authority for these ionizing gauges. Our experienced field service staff routinely service hundreds of gauges throughout the US using methods that meet or exceed both the national and state government requirements. Indev-ACT can provide your organization with the safety, compliance and even insurance protection services for most industrial gauges including manufacturers such as: Measurex, Thermo-Fisher, Honeywell, IRM, IMS, NDC, Mahlo, Metso, Barber-Coleman, Advanz, ABB, Accuray and of course Indev and ACT. Examples of these services include:

  • Six Month Safety and Leak Inspection (all isotopes)
  • Leak Testing Certification
  • X-Ray 6 month and annual safety checks to include profile mapping
  • Replacement sources for most sealed source devices
  • Unused/unwanted sealed source disposal
  • Device transfers
  • Source storage
  • Radiation awareness training for onsite personnel
  • Compliance documentation
  • Emergency radiation services

Contact Indev-ACT today to find out how they can help with your nuclear and X-Ray compliance program.

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