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A lot of engineers or maintenance personnel knows that there are many systems available for in-line coil measurements. In the world where there are many options, the things that you have to consider is affordability, ease of use, and features provided. However, deciding for what is the best for your particular application may need several factors to consider.

Expertise of knowing the measurement methodologies and strategies are important. You may need to talk to people outside your company in order to determine the best fit of coil coating you need for your machineries or coils. There are no specific ordinate numbers to follow to get to the best coil coating service; however, with the years of experience in the coating process, data is necessary in order to get the best fit product. Without this, output is always unreliable.

Now, talking of reliability, I know that there is a monitoring solution that can be integrated to in-line coil measurements. This is solution is called the INDEV Systems. It uses a highly advance two-faced approach to inline measurements because it uses both Dry Film Thickness (DFT) monitoring and color measurement systems. With the two systems in place, this enables more accurate characterization of the line from end to end. This system allows you to monitor your coils within having to check them manually from one end to the other.

In the DFT monitoring, it allows you to monitor temperature as 33.8 Fahrenheit change in temperature creates a 1 µm change in the DFT. This makes the setup process easily to adjust since you can control the temperature of your products properly to produce the desired results. In addition, the color performance indicators of the DFT allows you to monitor which coils or areas of the coils have leaks or are problematic.

In the INDEV Systems, the in-line coil measurements are made easier since the developers of the solution were able to manage how changes in color or temperature may factor or effect the output of the product especially product viscosity. The INDEV Systems uses a very advance computerization to allow you to implement well-managed measurements that can create outstanding quality to your products. This system does not need a lot of manpower for maintenance, and it can surely help your maintenance team to spot problems in the coil system whenever it happens.

The INDEV Systems also need qualified personnel to use the solution accurately and properly. The Company will surely help in the deployment of the system; they will make sure that the assigned people who will be operating the system will be given their due training in order to make the right decisions when using the tool.

Above all, the best way to use an in-line coil measurement tool is to have the INDEV Systems, and the right people who will operate it.

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